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Urban Nightlife, Social Capital, and the Public Life of Cities
Sociological Forum (2009)
  • David Grazian, University of Pennsylvania
Sociologists and urban scholars emphasize how nightlife establishments contribute to the social capital and public life of cities. In the interests of tempering this line of argument, I suggest three generalizable empirical findings that provide grounds for skepticism on this score: (1) the racial and class barriers to participation imposed by urban nightlife enterprises; (2) the normalization of gender differences and the routine harassment of women within such scenes; and (3) the lack of inclusiveness surrounding local nightlife in urban neighborhood communities. These findings suggest that nightlife scenes may function more efficiently as generators of bonding rather than bridging social capital.
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David Grazian. "Urban Nightlife, Social Capital, and the Public Life of Cities" Sociological Forum Vol. 24 Iss. 4 (2009)
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