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The Perils of Pauline
The National Legal Eagle
  • David Field, Bond University
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Field, David (2004), The perils of Pauline. The National Legal Eagle, April 2004, pp. 3-5.

Copyright ©The Law Society of New South Wales , 2004.

Reproduced with permission.

Extract: Whether or not you share her political views, it has to be admitted that Pauline Hanson has a habit of demanding your attention. This time, in association with a co-founder of her One Nation Party, David Ettridge, she succeeded in becoming Queensland's Most Famous Prisoner (no mean feat when it is considered that among the others on the guest list at the time was the State's former Chief Stipendiary Magistrate, Di Fingleton). Then, for an encore, she lodged an appeal which set the President of the Queensland Court of Appeal into verbal collision mode with NSW State Premier Bob Carr and Prime Minister John Howard, and drew withering comments from the Chief Justice of Queensland regarding the quality of the legal input during the trial itself. Not even the trial judge emerged unscathed from his criticism. So what was it all about?
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David Field. "The Perils of Pauline" The National Legal Eagle (2004)
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