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About David F Feldon

Dr. Feldon is an associate professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences and director of the new STE2M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Education, Mathematics) Center at USU. His research examines two lines of inquiry that are distinct but mutually supportive. The first characterizes the cognitive components of expertise as they contribute to effective and innovative problem solving as well as how they affect the quality of instruction that experts can provide. The second examines the development of research skills within STEM disciplines as a function of instruction and other educational support mechanisms. He also conducts some research into technology-facilitated instructional approaches and research methods for examining them. Dr. Feldon earned his Ph.D. in educational psychology and his M.S. in instructional technology from the University of Southern California, completed his postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA, and held tenure-track positions at the University of South Carolina, Washington State University, and the University of Virginia prior to joining the USU faculty.


Present Director of the USU STE(2)M Center, Utah State University Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences
Present Associate Professor, Utah State University Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

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