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Leaner Environmental Policies for Agriculture
Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm & Resource Issues
  • David E. Ervin, Portland State University
  • Elisabeth A. Graffy, U.S. Geological Survey
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  • Agriculture -- Environmental policy,
  • Environmental risk assessment,
  • Industries -- Environmental aspects
Farmers and ranchers face a most troubling dilemma. Complex political forces have mapped two quite different paths to environmental management-a rollback of federal regulations or a buildup of traditional subsidies. In the words of a famous modern philosopher, "When you reach a fork in the road, take it!" But either choice poses risk for the industry and will not likely ameliorate nettlesome environmental problems. A third path could help the industry maintain competitiveness and meet environmental challenges. This path uses me latest science to identify agroenvironmental problems and emphasizes economically attractive technology to sustain environmental improvements.

Originally appeared in "Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm & Resource Issues," published by the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association.

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Ervin, D. and E. Graffy, 1996. “Leaner Environmental Policies for Agriculture,” Choices, Fourth Quarter: 27-33.