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Sustaining the future through virtual worlds
Future challenges: sustainable futures: Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE)
  • Sue Gregory, University of New England
  • Lisa Jacka, Southern Cross University
  • Frederick Stokes-Thompson, University of South Australia
  • Helen Farley, University of Southern Queensland
  • Sheila Scutter, James Cook University
  • Penelope Neuendorf, Canberra Institute of Technology
  • Shane Mathews, Queensland University of Technology
  • Jaime Garcia, University of Queensland
  • Grant Meredith, University of Ballarat
  • Scott Grant, Monash University
  • Angela Giovanangeli, University of Technology, Sydney
  • Andrew Cram, Macquarie University
  • Tracey Muir, University of Tasmania
  • Jenny Grenfell, Deakin University
  • Anthony Williams, University of Newcastle
  • Angela McCarthy, James Cook University
  • Brent Gregory, University of New England
  • Stefan Schutt, Victoria University
  • Denise Wood, University of South Australia
  • Lindy Orwin, University of New England
  • Ian Warren, Deakin University
  • Matt Bower, Macquarie University
  • Des Butler, Queensland University of Technology
  • Jay Jay Jegathesan, University of Western Australia
  • Eimear Muir-Cochran, Flinders University
  • Clare Atkins, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
  • Karen Le Rossignol, Deakin University
  • Dale Linegar, Oztron
  • Ben Cleland, University of Tasmania
  • Lyn Hay, Charles Sturt University
  • Simeon Simoff, University of Western Sydney
  • Mathew Hillier, University of Queensland
  • David Ellis, Southern Cross University
  • Yvonne Masters, University of New England
  • Ieva Stupans, University of New England
  • Caroline Steel, University of Queensland
  • Charlynn Miller, University of Ballarat
  • Merle Hearns, Manukau Institute of Technology
  • Ross Brown, Queensland University of Technology
  • Kim Flintoff, Curtin University of Technology
  • Belma Gaukrodger, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
  • Ian Larson, Monash University
  • Xiangyu Wang, Curtin University of Technology
  • Edith Paillat, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Ning Gu, University of Newcastle
  • Anton Bogdanovych, University of Western Sydney
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Conference publication
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Gregory, S, Jacka, L, Stokes-Thompson, F, Farley, H, Scutter, S, Neuendorf, P, Mathews, S, Garcia, J, Meredith, G, Grant, S, Giovanangeli, A, Cram, A, Muir, T, Grenfell, J, Williams, A, McMarthy, A, Gregory, B, Schutt, S, Wood, D, Orwin, L, Warren, I, Bower, M, Butler, D, Jegathesan, JJ, Muir-Cochran, E, Atkins, C, Le Rossignol, KL, Linegar, D, Cleland, B, Hay, L, Simoff, S, Hillier, M, Ellis, D, Masters, Y, Stupans, I, Steel, C, Miller, C, Hearns, M, Brown, R, Flintoff, K, Gaukrodger, B, Larson, I, Wang, X, Paillat, E, Gu, N & Bogdanovych, A 2012, 'Sustaining the future through virtual worlds', in M Brown, M Hartnett & T Stewart (eds), Future challenges: sustainable futures: Australian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCILITE), Wellington, NZ, 25-28 November, ASCILITE, Massey, NZ, pp. 361-368. ISBN: 9780473229894