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Experimental Performance of a Solid Heat Exchanger with Tree-Like Flow Passages
Experimental Heat Transfer (2015)
  • David M. Calamas, Georgia Southern University
  • John Baker, The University of Alabama
System performance of a solid single-fluid compact heat exchanger with tree-like flow passages has been experimentally examined. The results, presented in the form of commonly defined dimensionless parameters, demonstrate that system performance can be characterized in a mode similar to traditional compact heat exchanger designs. Pressure forces were found to dominate inertia forces at low Reynolds numbers. Correlations of the Euler number, Nusselt number, Colburn factor, and friction factor as a function of Reynolds number were utilized to compare system performance to traditional two-fluid compact heat exchangers.
  • Compact heat exchangers,
  • Heat transfer,
  • Biologically inspired,
  • Forced convection
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David M. Calamas and John Baker. "Experimental Performance of a Solid Heat Exchanger with Tree-Like Flow Passages" Experimental Heat Transfer Vol. 28 Iss. 3 (2015) p. 205 - 221 ISSN: 1521-0480
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