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Updating FMS Databases
Computer Pilot (2007)
  • David Ison
As anyone familiar with the aviation world can attest, just about everything related to flying is consistently in a state of flux. Every single day, new runways are being paved, navaids are being added or deleted, the number of intersections grows and terminal instrument procedures are overhauled. In the past, these changes would mostly go unnoticed by the average flight sim enthusiast. But in the information intense age in which we live now, we feel fleeced when the data in flight sim no longer matches that of the real world. And with so many of the highly detailed flight sim add-on aircraft having virtual flight management systems or computers (FMS/FMC), differences between their databases and the real-world figures found on current flight charts/information make inconsistency even more frustrating. So if you are tired of the fact that your FMS or FMC database differs from the charts you have available or simply has not kept pace with aeronautical data in general, read on.
  • Flight management systems,
  • flight simulators,
  • flight simulation,
  • flight management computers
Publication Date
February, 2007
Citation Information
David Ison. "Updating FMS Databases" Computer Pilot Vol. 11 Iss. 2 (2007) p. 78 - 82 ISSN: 1324-7336
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