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Virtual Seaplane Operations (Flight Instructor)
Computer Pilot (2006)
  • David Ison
Seaplane... Just the word makes the average pilot's eyes glaze over. Their mind wonders to thoughts of tropical breezes, landing in remote parts to do some camping or perhaps touching town in pristine water to cast a fishing line right from the aircraft itself. While the unique serenity that goes along with flying seaplanes can not be fully experienced through flight simulation, float simming can be a fun side track from the mundane world of runways and taxiways. Taking it a step further, some of the seaplane flying that can be accomplished with flight simulators can be helpful to learn operations used in real world seaplanes.
  • Seaplanes,
  • flight simulation,
  • flight simulators,
  • flight instruction
Publication Date
April, 2006
Publisher Statement
This journal also known as Computer Pilot Magazine.
Citation Information
David Ison. "Virtual Seaplane Operations (Flight Instructor)" Computer Pilot Vol. 10 Iss. 4 (2006) p. 72 - 76 ISSN: 1324-7336
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