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Holding Made Easy (Flight Instructor)
Computer Pilot (2005)
  • David Ison
As you cruise along on your IFR flight you begin to hear chatter on the radio about deteriorating weather at your destination. Soon thereafter air traffic control (ATC) calls you with some bad news: "Archer 426RM, expect holding, stand-by for instructions." Almost immediately, panic sets in. When was the last time you had to fly a hold? Can you remember how to enter and fly a holding pattern? Or have you ever flown a holding pattern before? In fact, for many simulator pilots, holding may be a new concept altogether. In real world flying however, holding is actually a common occurrence. Holding patterns are one of many tactics air traffic control can use to prevent bottlenecks and defer traffic, which is becoming more and more of a necessity as worldwide traffic levels skyrocket. Obviously, the ability of a pilot to successfully navigate into and around one of these holding arrangements is a critical skill that must be honed prior to takeoff.
  • Pilot training,
  • aircraft landings,
  • flight simulators,
  • flight simulation
Publication Date
September, 2005
Publisher Statement
This journal also known as Computer Pilot Magazine.
Citation Information
David Ison. "Holding Made Easy (Flight Instructor)" Computer Pilot Vol. 9 Iss. 9 (2005) p. 80 - 84 ISSN: 1324-7336
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