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Wilco 777 Review
Computer Pilot (2007)
  • David Ison
While Boeing's 777 had its skeptics when it was first conceived, the aircraft has become an economical long range option for airlines worldwide. The 777-200 extended range (ER) model can easily fly up to 440 people (one class configuration) at Mach 0.84 over 7,000 miles. Some possible options for flight sim missions include London to Los Angeles or Tokyo to Sydney or even Chicago to Beijing. While MS flight sim users have had access to a generic 777 for some time now, nothing beats a good add-on complete with unique sounds, functional avionics and loads of switches and buttons to play with. Wilco Publishing has answered the call for such equipment with their Modern Airliner Collection 777, developed by the FeelThere group.
  • Flight simulation,
  • flight simulation software,
  • Boeing 777
Publication Date
April, 2007
Publisher Statement
This journal also know as Computer Pilot Magazine.
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David Ison. "Wilco 777 Review" Computer Pilot Vol. 11 Iss. 4 (2007) p. 18 - 22 ISSN: 1324-7336
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