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Gender-Specific Research on Mental Illness in the Emergency Department: Current Knowledge and Future Directions.
Academic Emergency Medicine : Official Journal of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
  • Megan L Ranney
  • Natalie Locci
  • Erica J Adams
  • Marian Betz
  • David B Burmeister, DO, FACEP, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Ted Corbin
  • Preeti Dalawari
  • Jeanne L Jacoby, MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
  • Judith Linden
  • Jonathan Purtle
  • Carol North
  • Debra E Houry
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Mental illness is a growing, and largely unaddressed, problem for the population and for emergency department (ED) patients in particular. Extensive literature outlines sex and gender differences in mental illness' epidemiology and risk and protective factors. Few studies, however, examined sex and gender differences in screening, diagnosis, and management of mental illness in the ED setting. Our consensus group used the nominal group technique to outline major gaps in knowledge and research priorities for these areas, including the influence of violence and other risk factors on the course of mental illness for ED patients. Our consensus group urges the pursuit of this research in general and conscious use of a gender lens when conducting, analyzing, and authoring future ED-based investigations of mental illness.
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Ranney, M. L., Locci, N., Adams, E. J., Betz, M., Burmeister, D. B., Corbin, T., & ... Houry, D. E. (2014). Gender-specific research on mental illness in the emergency department: current knowledge and future directions. Academic Emergency Medicine: Official Journal Of The Society For Academic Emergency Medicine, 21(12), 1395-1402. doi:10.1111/acem.12524