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Organisational security: A propositional study to map expert knowledge
ECU Publications Pre. 2011
  • Adel Alruwaii, Edith Cowan University
  • David Brooks, Edith Cowan University
Publication Date
Document Type
Conference Proceeding
Centre for Security Research, Edith Cowan University
Computing, Health and Science
School of Engineering, Centre for Security Research

Originally published as: Alruwaii, A., Brooks, D.J. (2008). Organisational security: A propositional study to map expert knowledge. In Proceedings of the 1st Australian Security and Intelligence Conference. (pp. 4 - 11). Perth, Australia: Centre for Security Research, Edith Cowan University.

Organisational security, as a profession, is at an early stage in terms of consensus by researchers on categorical concepts that sum its body of knowledge. In addition, scrutinising and mapping similarities of the security expert knowledge structure has not been undertaken by researchers on any significant scale. Nevertheless, a recent study (Brooks, 2006a) has investigated and critiqued 104 academic university level security courses and extracted common security concepts, resulting in a tabulated sum of 14 knowledge categories that represent the organisational security expert knowledge structure. Controversy in the security industry mandates specific knowledge structure research to help achieve a consensual agreement on the security body of knowledge. This paper aims to outline a research proposition to conduct similarity analysis on security knowledge categories through a multidimensional scaling (MDS) technique. The proposed research will validate the foresaid 14 knowledge categories representing the security expert knowledge structure by reviewing similar research conducted and adding knowledge categories if found necessary. The proposed research will provide a better understanding and relationships of security knowledge categories, and aid educational organisations in developing more concise and industry focused security curriculum. Furthermore, the proposed research will support education institutions in developing security professionals with proper knowledge and skills necessary to face challenges in the security industry.
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Adel Alruwaii and David Brooks. "Organisational security: A propositional study to map expert knowledge" Perth, Western Australia(2008)
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