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Unpublished Paper
Assessing the Velocity, Scale, Volume, Intensity and “Creedal Congruence” of Immigrants in Setting a Nation’s Admissions Policy
  • David Barnhizer
Table of Contents Death of the “Melting Pot” The Rejection of Assimilation and the Rise of “Identity Sects” Western Europe and the US Face Significant Challenges to Their Creeds and Cultures The Radicalizing Search for Identity and Meaning The Velocity, Scale and Difference of Migrant Entry Into Dissimilar Cultures Assimilation Is Not Easy Under the Best of Circumstances ISIS, al-Qaeda and The Old Man of the Mountain What Are the Creedal Values For Which Western Nations Should Expect Commitment from Immigrants and Citizens? “Warning! Do Not Approach!” Beyond Non-Assimilation to Cultural Transformation The Right to Preserve a “Cultural Ecosystem” The Failure of Multiculturalism Being Intolerant of the Intolerant Conclusion and Suggestions While America faces important issues with large scale immigration, those issues pale in relation to those confronting the nations of Western Europe and the United Kingdom. Even before the massive immigrant movement triggered by civil wars in the Middle East and Africa, Europe has found itself home to a rising tide of immigrants whose creeds and religious belief systems are radically different and even contradictory to those of the affected countries. That tide of immigrants has risen to a “flood crest” threatening to overwhelm Western democracies. This is particularly the case with the expansion of the numbers of Muslim immigrants and refugees whose cultural experiences, beliefs and value systems are radically distinct from those of European democracies and whose religious and cultural behaviors can fairly be described as separatist and collectivist. As those numbers continue to rise it can be said that we are experiencing a process best described as “reverse colonization”. As a general matter the potential impacts of immigration on a specific nation’s culture and creeds can be examined in light of a formula that accounts for its velocity, scale, intensity and creedal congruence. Even though preliminary and crude, we can construct a formulation that might look like SI = V + SV + I + CC. This represents the idea that Systemic Impact (SI) equals the Velocity (V) of migrant inflow plus the Scale or Volume (SV) plus the organized Intensity (I) of the new entrants plus the Creedal Congruence (CC) of the potential entrants based on the likelihood that they are closed to or will go so far as to reject the core values of the host system. It is cultural suicide to ignore the implications of massive immigration from belief systems that do not share the values of Western Rule of Law democracies and in which a not insubstantial number of the new entrants even reject those core values. Although his statement is at one extreme and many Muslims do not share his view, it is wise to consider the words of an Islamic fanatic who at the time prior was head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. The words of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi demonstrate the wide gap between Western ideals of democracy and fundamentalist Islamic or “Political Islam’s” view of what must exist. In a taped message Abu Musab al-Zarqawi declared: “‘We have declared a bitter war against democracy and all those who seek to enact it’ … ‘Democracy is also based on the right to choose your religion,’ he said, and that is ‘against the rule of God.’” The resistance to or rejection of Western creeds, values, religion and culture is at the base of much of the ongoing conflict. I say this even while believing that allowing diverse perspectives and cultures into one’s community is enriching and educational. But the critical issues are ones of scale, timing, intensity, incompatibility of belief systems and proportion. Allowing too many people into Western nations with values of the kind that are possessed by intolerant groups or radically different groups that neither understand or accept those of their new host cultures offends the essential spirit and quality of those host communities. German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, ironically the same political leader who recently triggered the ongoing mass migration to Europe from the Middle East by inviting millions of migrants to come to Germany, was quoted only five years ago singing a very “different tune”. Merkel stated in 2010: “We kidded ourselves for a while that they [foreign Muslim guest workers] wouldn’t stay, but that’s not the reality,” she said. … [Merkel continued]: “Of course the tendency had been to say, ‘let’s adopt the multicultural concept and live happily side by side, and be happy to be living with each other’. But this concept has failed, and failed utterly,” she said.” The rising political storm over immigration into Europe between liberal political groups and citizens seeking to defend what they consider to be vital national traditions and cultural interests increasingly captures the citizenry of the UK and nations of Western Europe as they struggle to deal with what some have described as an “invasion” of their countries from the Middle East and North Africa. The groups seeking to restrict or bar the migrants have been far too smugly labeled as bigots, racists, Islamophobes and so forth in an effort to negatively “frame” their efforts as a sort of barbaric Neanderthal resentment to a Cro-Magnon onslaught. Of course, the Cro-Magnons did wind up doing away with Neanderthals so perhaps the analogy isn’t entirely inaccurate nor the fear irrational. Nor does it seem at all irrational to be committed to preservation of a precious and hard-won set of cultural values of a political, civil rights, Rule of Law, anti-discrimination and even religious faith many consider to be at the core of their community and that define the social contract to which they are committed. For Western secular democracies the concern over large-scale immigration from cultures that still operate under a theocratic political orientation relates in part to the cultural and creedal differences between Islam and Rule of Law systems. The concern also relates at another extreme to the threat of Islamic terrorists as those nations become the targets of a twisted sect of murderers professing the intention to attack and destroy. This is where the concern over allowing large numbers of migrants into a country’s borders and the risk that some of those migrants will be acting in concert with the murderers from the beginning and that others will be radicalized over time to become willing accomplices of Islamist fanatics of the kind who killed innocent unarmed civilians in locations such as New York, Madrid, Paris, Mali, Bali and London and sought to launch attacks in numerous other locations. The power of demagoguery and ideology masked as religious faith has grown dramatically. We are in a historical moment in which an emptiness of spirit has made many people vulnerable to destructive ideologues with great oratorical power skilled at describing the world in simplistic and seductive terms. In this moment we have become puppets manipulated by demagogic masters who pay us with the “coin” of false promises that take away our fear of the dark and of personal meaninglessness. What we are dealing with is the birth of a “gang culture” that grants identity. The “Gang of ISIS” or the “Gang of al-Qaeda” provides an identity and a rationale for existence that excuses our inadequacies. “Losers” incapable of coping with the stresses of a competitive society are transformed into heroes by their association with a “gang”. The lost souls that abound among the youth of any culture, including the followers of Islam, are vulnerable to “prophets” who offer them a system of belief and meaning at a critical time when they are experiencing the existential despair that afflicts most of us while in our adolescent stage of emotional development. It is no accident that suicide bombers tend to range between the ages of 12 and 20. You don’t see the Osamas, the abu Hamzas, abu Qatadis, or ISIS’s al-Baghdadi blowing themselves up, do you? They know better. They are the master manipulators who get others to destroy themselves based on the false promise of a non-existent paradise that no one other than a seriously deranged sexually repressed idiot would take as a reality. Ah! But that is precisely the nature of confused adolescence. Ours is a period of profound ignorance and vulnerability. Barack Obama summed up the media aspect succinctly when asked about ISIS. Rather than praise their overblown global capability he responded: “They’re a bunch of killers with good social media.” It is a tragedy that our traditional media are complicit in the ISIS campaign and can be relied on by the fanatics to provide seemingly endless free advertising. For those of us raised in a tradition that elevates a free press into a critical element in a democratic society it is horrifying to see the “Fifth Estate” become little more than a group of “ratings whores” hyping whatever can be sensationalized for purposes of corporate profit and ego. For ISIS the media has become a vital arm of its propaganda strategy by which the instantaneous reproduction of horror by a globalized news media addicted to the broadcasting of horrific tragedies while hiding behind somber visages and crocodile tears, salivating at ratings coups. This provides murderers such as ISIS a level of propaganda never before possible.
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David Barnhizer. "Assessing the Velocity, Scale, Volume, Intensity and “Creedal Congruence” of Immigrants in Setting a Nation’s Admissions Policy" (2015)
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