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Electro-Optic Characteristics of a Liquid Crystal Cell in a Homogeneous To Twisted Planar Mode
Applied Physics Letters
  • S. H Lee, Hyundai Electronics Industries
  • H. Y Kim, Hyundai Electronics Industries
  • H. G Galabova, Kent State University - Kent Campus
  • David W Allender, Kent State University - Kent Campus
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The electro-optic properties of a novel liquid crystal device associated with a homogeneous to twisted-planar (HTP) transition have been investigated. The cell plates are prepared in such a way that in the absence of an electric field the liquid crystal orientation is uniform throughout the cell, and thus between crossed polarizers the cell appears black (off state). When an electric field of a particular configuration is applied, a 90° twist is imposed, and the cell transmits light (on state). It was found that the HTP device exhibits wide viewing angle and excellent color characteristics. The dependence of the electro-opticeffect on rubbing directions and cell gap has also been investigated.

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S. H Lee, H. Y Kim, H. G Galabova and David W Allender. "Electro-Optic Characteristics of a Liquid Crystal Cell in a Homogeneous To Twisted Planar Mode" Applied Physics Letters Vol. 72 Iss. 7 (1998) p. 858 - 860
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