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Buried clay pipe irrigation
  • David A Bainbridge
The buried clay pipe method of irrigation is one of the most efficient systems known and is ideal for gardeners and small farmers. Buried clay pipe irrigation uses a buried, unglazed clay pipe filled with water to provide controlled irrigation to plants as the water seeps out through the clay wall at a rate that is influenced by the plant's water use. It has been used for more than one hundred years.This auto-regulation leads to very high efficiency--considerably better than drip irrigation and many times better than conventional surface irrigation. This also reduces weeds, increases yields, and can speed maturity leading to market price advantages.
  • irrigation,
  • clay pipe,
  • porous pipe,
  • demand responsive
Publication Date
December 21, 2012
Citation Information
David A Bainbridge. "Buried clay pipe irrigation" (2012)
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