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Unpublished Paper
Investigating Iowa’s Industrial Vulnerability to Reductions in Water Resources
Economics Technical Reports and White Papers
  • David Swenson, Iowa State University
  • Liesl Eathington, Iowa State University
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This report investigates degrees of water dependence across various sectors of Iowa’s economy and the possible direct and indirect consequences of drought events on Iowa’s industries. The report is organized into five sections. Part 1 describes patterns of water use by broad economic sector, as measured in gallons of water withdrawn from surface and groundwater sources. Part 2 addresses the importance of water as a means of transportation, examining the types of commodities shipped to and from Iowa by river. Part 3 discusses the consequences of drought on grain and livestock production. Part 4 explores how reductions in agricultural commodity production might impact the state’s manufacturing sector. Part 5 indentifies industries that may experience changing demand for their own products due to water supply disruptions, including firms that manufacture inputs for water distribution, treatment, or storage systems.
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Iowa State University, The Authors
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David Swenson and Liesl Eathington. "Investigating Iowa’s Industrial Vulnerability to Reductions in Water Resources" (2013)
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