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Promoting Social Skills Generalization with ADHD-Diagnosed Children in a Sports Setting
Behavior Therapy
  • David Reitman, Nova Southeastern University
  • Patrick M. O'Callaghan, Louisiana State University Law Center
  • John Northup, Louisiana State University Law Center
  • Stephen D. A. Hupp, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Molly A. Murphy, Louisiana State University
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Efforts to promote social skills generalization among ADHD-diagnosed children have had limited success. Despite evidence that attentiveness and social skills can be enhanced, the general absence of gains beyond the original treatment setting or extended through time suggests a need for systematic generalization planning. In the present study, a combination of techniques described by Stokes and Baer (1977) were implemented to foster the transfer of target behaviors across settings. A multiple-baseline design across 4 participants was used to evaluate efforts to promote the generalization of social skills in a sports context. Results suggested that a combination of generalization procedures, including training sufficient exemplars, training loosely, indiscriminable contingencies, programming common stimuli, and training to generalize, was effective in producing generalization of social skills from individual training sessions to a group kickball game. No arbitrary contingencies for appropriate social behavior were in effect during the kickball game and very little evidence of generalization was observed in the absence of explicit programming efforts. Researchers should continue to refine techniques for programming generalization and more actively involving paraprofessionals in the treatment of ADHD-diagnosed children.
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David Reitman, Patrick M. O'Callaghan, John Northup, Stephen D. A. Hupp, et al.. "Promoting Social Skills Generalization with ADHD-Diagnosed Children in a Sports Setting" Behavior Therapy Vol. 34 Iss. 3 (2003) p. 313 - 330 ISSN: 0005-7894
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