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Analysis of Simple Two-Capacitor Low-pass Filters
IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility
  • Todd H. Hubing, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • David Pommerenke, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Theodore M. Zeeff
  • Thomas Van Doren, Missouri University of Science and Technology
The performance of typical low-pass capacitor filters is limited by the mutual inductance between the input and output sides of the filter. This paper describes how two appropriately spaced capacitors can be used to construct a low-pass filter with significantly better high-frequency performance than a one-capacitor filter. Laboratory measurements and numerical simulations are used to quantify the mutual inductance and compare the performance of one- and two-capacitor low-pass filters.
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Keywords and Phrases
  • Bode Diagrams,
  • Bode Plot,
  • I/O Filtering,
  • Capacitors,
  • Circuit Simulation,
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility,
  • Equivalent Circuits,
  • High-Frequency Performance,
  • Inductance,
  • Low-Pass Filters,
  • Lumped Parameter Networks,
  • Lumped-Element Model,
  • Mutual Inductance,
  • Numerical Simulations,
  • Parasitic Inductances,
  • Performance Analysis,
  • Spaced Capacitors,
  • Two-Capacitor Low-Pass Filters,
  • Voltage Transfer Coefficient
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Article - Journal
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Todd H. Hubing, David Pommerenke, Theodore M. Zeeff and Thomas Van Doren. "Analysis of Simple Two-Capacitor Low-pass Filters" IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility (2003) ISSN: 0018-9375
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