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A Christian Perspective on Watching Secular TV Programming
Seminary Scholarship Symposium
  • S. Joseph Kidder, Andrews University
  • David Penno, Andrews University
Seminary Room S215
Start Date
5-2-2016 9:00 AM
End Date
5-2-2016 9:30 AM
Research on biblical principles and the effects of watching television on children are the basis for this paper that examines how families can manage the effects of secular TV on their children. Since most Christians have not opted to eliminate TV viewing in their homes, and because of the prevalence of secular programing outside the home and on various devices, the paper sets out practical ways for families to counteract some of the deleterious effects of secular TV.
Citation Information
S. Joseph Kidder and David Penno. "A Christian Perspective on Watching Secular TV Programming" (2016)
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