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Cell death mechanisms and the immune system
Immunological Reviews
  • Pierre Golstein, Centre d'Immunologie INSERM-CNRS de Marseille-Luminy
  • David M. Ojcius, The Rockefeller University
  • John Ding-E. Young, The Rockefeller University
David M. Ojcius: 0000-0003-1461-4495
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The immune system offers good models in many fields of cell biology, including cell death. On the one hand, considerable cell death occur in the immune system, where it seems related to its development. On the other, cell death is also caused by the immune system and is then related to its function. This review will analyze some models of cell death related to the immune system and will attempt, in particular, to describe for each model an intracellular sequence of events leading to cell death; to distinguish, within this sequence, steps belonging to control or to effector mechanisms; and to underline, whenever possible, clues regarding the nature of the molecules casually involved in the dying cell.
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Pierre Golstein, David M. Ojcius and John Ding-E. Young. "Cell death mechanisms and the immune system" Immunological Reviews Vol. 121 Iss. 1 (1991) p. 29 - 65 ISSN: 0105-2896
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