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Is the hoopla over CPAF justified?
Pathogens and Disease
  • Georg Hacker, University Medical Centre Freiburg
  • Dagmar Heuer, Robert Koch Institute
  • David M. Ojcius, University of California, Merced
David M. Ojcius: 0000-0003-1461-4495
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It may be worth asking whether all the hoopla over CPAF is justified. Our view is: yes, it is. As in any active scientific area, not every proposal regarding CPAF function has held up. The recent developments are very encouraging: we now have a much better idea of what CPAF can do, but also what it does not do. Our current knowledge can be summarized as follows: Chlamydiae produce a potent protease with unusual characteristics that is made by both pathogenic and environmental Chlamydiae, which likely transfers from the chlamydial inclusion into the cytosol, and which has the potential to cleave both bacterial and host proteins. We have recently and in more detailed fashion contributed to the discussion on CPAF in two commentaries (Conrad et al., 2013; Hacker, 2014) and will limit our comments here to several issues that have come up recently, which we think are important.
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Georg Hacker, Dagmar Heuer and David M. Ojcius. "Is the hoopla over CPAF justified?" Pathogens and Disease Vol. 72 Iss. 1 (2014) p. 1 - 2 ISSN: 2049-632X
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