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Immunogold labelling of perforin and serine esterases in granulated metrial gland cells
FASEB Journal
  • Li-Mou Zheng, Chang Gung University
  • David M. Ojcius, University of the Pacific
  • Chau-Ching Liu, The Rockefeller University
  • M. D. Kramer
  • M. M. Simon
  • E. L. Parr
  • John Ding-E. Young, Chang Gung University
David M. Ojcius: 0000-0003-1461-4495
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Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) and natural killer (NK) cells are cytolytic lymphocytes known to produce a pore-forming protein, named perforin or cytolysin, that lyses target cells by creating large pores on the target plasma membrane. Besides perforin, the granules of CTL and NK cells contain a family of serine esterases. Perforin has also been localized in granulated metrial gland (GMG) cells of the murine embryo implantation site by light microscopic immunostaining. Ultrastructural immunogold labeling with antibodies against perforin and a serine esterase (MTSP 1 or granzyme A) shows that GMG cells contain both perforin and serine esterases in the fine granular matrix of their granules. Perforin has been located in all of the granules, whereas gold particles corresponding to serine esterases have been found in most of the granules. Results from the double immunogold technique indicate that perforin and serine esterases colocalize to most of the same granules in GMG cells. This study supports the view that GMG cells are related to cytolytic lymphocytes.

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Li-Mou Zheng, David M. Ojcius, Chau-Ching Liu, M. D. Kramer, et al.. "Immunogold labelling of perforin and serine esterases in granulated metrial gland cells" FASEB Journal Vol. 5 Iss. 1 (1991) p. 79 - 85 ISSN: 0892-6638
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