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Affective Communication: Toward a Theory of Rallying Cries and Group Adaptation
Western Academy of Management Conference (2015)
  • Timothy Munyon, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • David Jiang, Georgia Southern University
  • Brian J. Collins, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Thomas A. Wright, Fordham University
Rallying cries are succinct, affect-infused messages intended to efficiently build consensus and motivate action. Despite widespread use throughout history, little research examined the genesis and operation of rallying cries as an affective device influencing group outcomes. In this paper, we develop an initial theory of rallying cries, exploring how they enable group adaptation and goal accomplishment. Beyond its immediate implications for the study of affect, this framework informs social influence, leadership, change, and mobilization perspectives. We discuss these implications and propose important new directions for future research. 
  • Rallying cries,
  • Group adaptation,
  • Affective communication
Publication Date
March, 2015
Kauai, HI
Citation Information
Timothy Munyon, David Jiang, Brian J. Collins and Thomas A. Wright. "Affective Communication: Toward a Theory of Rallying Cries and Group Adaptation" Western Academy of Management Conference (2015)
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