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Fighting poverty with mobility : a normative policy analysis.
Review of Policy Research (2004)
  • David L. Imbroscio, University of Louisville
Concentrated urban poverty is America's deepest social problem. Eliminating it stands as our nation's greatest challenge. In this article I analyze from a normative perspective antipoverty policies that attempt to address this problem via “mobility,” that is, policies that attempt to disperse the urban poor to suburban locations. I find these policies to be normatively problematic on two grounds: the level coercion experienced by (and the corresponding lack of free choice given) a vulnerable population and the undesirable effects (in the current context of American urban development) caused by failing to regard established neighborhoods as stable communities. The results of this analysis indicate strongly the need to generate increased levels of economic activity in America's inner cities, and I suggest that more research on this issue be conducted with an eye toward formulating and implementing a comprehensive strategy to bring about inner-city revitalization.
Publication Date
May, 2004
Citation Information
David L. Imbroscio. "Fighting poverty with mobility : a normative policy analysis." Review of Policy Research Vol. 21 Iss. 3 (2004) p. 447 - 461 ISSN: 1541-1338
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