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Introduction to IRs
Butler University Institutional Repository Day (2011)
  • Dave Stout, bepress

This presentation featured an introduction to institutional repositories, as well as the Digital Commons service from Bepress. Digital Commons is a set of services designed to help you collect, organize and showcase the intellectual output of your institution. The showcase will help ensure a wider readership of your institution’s output and research and also provide readership statistics for each object uploaded to the showcase.

Digital Commons is also more than just a “repository” or “IR”. With embedded applications that enable individual control over a personal publication space and robust publishing services, Digital Commons provides scholarly communication and publishing services that are meaningful to faculty and administrators on campus.

  • repository,
  • scholarly publishing,
  • open access,
  • visibility of scholarship,
  • research distribution
Publication Date
March 17, 2011
Citation Information
Dave Stout. "Introduction to IRs" Butler University Institutional Repository Day (2011)
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