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New Tools for Publishing and Showcasing Research at Health Care Centers
bepress sponsored event (2016)
  • Dave Stout
Health care centers are actively looking for new ways to showcase and publish their research and other unique content. What is the library doing to help? Recently, many health sciences libraries have discovered that institutional repository and publishing platforms like Digital Commons can help meet organization-wide goals, strengthening the library’s relevance and visibility as a result. With Digital Commons, libraries are helping to:

  • - Amplify research visibility worldwide
  • - Promote the work of the institution’s doctors and researchers, with institutional branding
  • - Reclaim the output of their institutions’ authors and content creators
  • - Provide data services to help satisfy grant funder requirements for open access
  • - Report on researcher impact and productivity

In this webinar, Dave Stout of bepress will share how health science library initiatives can support the goals and mission of the health care center as a whole.
Publication Date
September 14, 2016
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Dave Stout. "New Tools for Publishing and Showcasing Research at Health Care Centers" bepress sponsored event (2016)
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