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Curating Massive Media
Theater + Film Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Dave Colangelo, Portland State University
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  • Mass media -- Technological innovations,
  • Digital media,
  • Design -- Social aspects,
  • Public art,
  • New media art -- Exhibitions
The European Union’s media art initiative Connecting Cities and New York-based Streaming Museum are two recent examples of curatorial models that operate through large, networked, digital displays. This growing exhibition category combines expressive media architecture and telecommunication elements to engage ‘trans-local’ sites and diverse publics in complex media spaces. By investigating the confluence of exhibition making, public art and urban experience, this article explores the relationship between spectacle and criticality with respect to shifting notions of space, identity and ‘the common’. Note: At the time of writing, Dave Colangelo was affiliated with Ryerson University.

Author's version of an article that was subsequently published in the Journal of Curatorial Studies, Volume 4, Number 2, 1 June 2015, pp. 238-262(25). The final definitive version may be found at

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Dave Colangelo. "Curating Massive Media" (2015)
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