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Why do I need a company seal (2020)
  • Dater Online
You can do without this tool. But practice says that if an entrepreneur wants to achieve a high enough level in business, then he just needs a print. So, this sign may come in handy:
1. When you open a bank account. Quite often, the bank, guided by internal rules, may require a stamp from a merchant to conclude an agreement with him.
2. At the conclusion of civil contracts with organizations. Some documents must have a seal. For example, a pledge agreement. It is also required on waybills if the entrepreneur provides transportation services.
3. In the work book. If you intend to provide employment, then printing is a must. A work book is considered to be correctly executed if there is an enterprise mark on it.
4. When writing out a sales receipt. At the request of the buyer, a private entrepreneur is required to issue a document that confirms that he has received money for the goods. Without printing, a sales receipt is not legally binding.
In addition, the presence of a stamp has other advantages. This adds status to the entrepreneur, gives solidity. It can also serve as additional legal protection (the chances of forging documents are significantly reduced). The likelihood of making deals with larger organizations is increasing. There is a slight minus. After printing, the individual entrepreneur must put it on all documents.
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Winter April 10, 2020
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Dater Online. "Why do I need a company seal" (2020)
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