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Progressive Race Blindness: Individual Identity, Group Politics, and Reform
UCLA Law Review (2002)
  • Darren L Hutchinson, American University Washington College of Law

Critical Race Theorists advance race consciousness as a positive instrument for political and legal reform. A growing body of works by left-identified scholars, however, challenges this traditional progressive stance toward race consciousness.

After summarizing the contours of this budding literature, this Article criticizes the "progressive race blindness" scholarship on several grounds and offers an alternative approach to race consciousness that balances skepticism towards the naturalness of race with a healthy appreciation of the realities of racial subjugation and identity.

Publication Date
June, 2002
Citation Information
Darren L Hutchinson. "Progressive Race Blindness: Individual Identity, Group Politics, and Reform" UCLA Law Review Vol. 49 Iss. 5 (2002)
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