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Darren Chaker Civil RICO.PDF
  • Darren Chaker
Lawsuit filed against blogger Darren Chaker for republishing public records. The lawsuit filed by San Diego attorney Scott Mcmillan , who represents himself, failed. The attorney then appealed the lawsuit brought under civil RICO laws to the Ninth Circuit only to be opposed by a former federal judge who headed the US Attorney's RICO Unit in Los Angeles.

The attached brief was filed in 2019 and touches on important aspects of the First Amendment, RICO, and bloggers rights. Censorship is a dangerous thing and the plaintiff's efforts to censor the internet of embarrassing material has failed and appears it will continue to fail.
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Publication Date
Winter January 24, 2019
Citation Information
Darren Chaker. "Darren Chaker Civil RICO.PDF" (2019)
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