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Kuhn versus Popper on science education : a response to Richard Bailey
Learning for Democracy
  • Darrell Patrick ROWBOTTOM
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Journal article
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In a recent contribution to Learning for Democracy, Richard Bailey argues that Thomas Kuhn advocated an indoctrinatory model of science education, which is fundamentally authority-based. While agreeing with Bailey’s conclusion, this article suggests that Kuhn was attempting to solve an important problem which Bailey only touches on – how to ensure that science students do not become hypercritical. It continues by offering a critical rationalist solution to this problem, arguing that paradigms qua exemplars should be historical problem-solving episodes, rather than model solutions to puzzles.

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Copyright © 2006 Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville

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Rowbottom, D. P. (2006). Kuhn versus Popper on science education: A response to Richard Bailey. Learning for Democracy, 2(3), 45-52.