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The Health And Cost Consequences Of Obesity Among The Future Elderly
Health Affairs (2005)
  • Darius Noshir Lakdawalla
  • Dana Goldman
  • Baoping Shang

Obesity could have serious consequences for older cohorts. We used a microsimulation to estimate lifetime costs, life expectancy, disease, and disability for seventy-year-olds based on body mass. Obese seventy-year-olds will live about as long as those of normal weight but will spend more than $39,000 more on health care. Moreover, they will enjoy fewer disability-free life years and experience higher rates of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Medicare will spend about 34 percent more on an obese person than on someone of normal weight. Obesity might cost Medicare more than other diseases, because higher costs are not offset by reduced longevity.

  • Chronic Care,
  • Demography,
  • Elderly,
  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention,
  • Medicare,
  • Research And Technology,
  • Health Spending
Publication Date
September, 2005
Citation Information
Darius Noshir Lakdawalla, Dana Goldman and Baoping Shang. "The Health And Cost Consequences Of Obesity Among The Future Elderly" Health Affairs Vol. 10 (2005)
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