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▕PeerTube▕ Full Movie Uncut Gems
  • Darius Pastorek

Actors Julia Fox
directed by Josh Safdie
Country USA
user Ratings 8,1 of 10
audience Score 157572 Vote

Fast paced movie with people endlessly yelling at each other but the movie is dull and stagnant for the most part. It seems like it was created by the type of people who think hip hop and instagram and smart phones are the most exciting things going on in our culture. This movie was mildly entertaining at best, but overall just not much to see here. And its at least 30 mins too long.
Possibly the most annoying man in the world would also have made a good title, a hyper anally focused individual who has the particular knack of rubbing everyone up the wrong way. One is relieved when justice is finally served at the end of the movie, edge of the seat for the wrong reasons sort of movie. A great story of the highs and lows of a gambling addict.
Even though Adam Sandler plays the typical 'Billy Madison. Happy Gilmore' comedy type of roles. I am not surprised by his performance in this one, we've seen the talent in "Reign Over Me. He is OUTSTANDING in this, a real classic Jewish New Yorker fighting for his take on the American Dream.
I was surprised however, on how invested I found myself in the characters and for their success towards the end. Scrapping for every point in a Game 7 Celtics/Sixers clash was an awesome way to end the movie, felt like I was back watching the playoffs all over again.
Also, snippets of a low profile Weekend back in '12/13 was pretty cool to see him make an appearance.
Overall, definitely a 9/10 and one for the watchlist.

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