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About D Anthony Clark

I am an interdisciplinary scholar of race and racism and veteran educator who joined the Faculty of Leadership & Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Integrative Sciences & Arts in 2013. My American Studies PhD is from the University of Kansas, where I studied modern U.S. history, the sociology of ethnicity, and critical race theory. I am past president of the Mid-America American Studies Association. In my career, I have published 17 articles, 10 of which are peer-reviewed, 25 essays and reviews, and over 40 talks and presentations. Currently I am editorial board member for the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education.

My research interests are in:

  1. Studies of modern U.S. culture, law, & politics.
  2. The sociology of race and indigeneity.
  3. Studies of race-conscious resilience & resistance.

I have articles, essays, and reviews published in, among other places, the American Journal of SociologyAmerican QuarterlyAmerican StudiesBlack ScholarCultural Critique, and Journal of Diversity in Higher Education. You will find chapters I've written in Across the Great Divide (2001), American Indians at Risk (2014), Beyond Red Power (2007), and In the Game (2005). My major project is Roots of Red Power: American Indians Lobbying Congress, Courts, and Public Opinion, 1871-1934.


Present Senior Lecturer of Leadership & Interdisciplinary Studies, Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus

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