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'Predicting' the Future of Library OPAC: Assistive Technologies for Everyone
FIMS Conference (2012)
  • Danielle K.L. Lee-Muma, University of Western Ontario

Word prediction, unlike the broader area of predictive text which can include T9 language for cellphones without full keyboards, is intended to make typing easier in augmentative and alternative communication for individuals with cognitive and physical impediments (Garay-Vitoria and Abascal 2006, pg 188). While word prediction is intended for AAC, it has potential to alleviate or eliminate the disconnection between library patrons and the Library of Congress Subject Headings used by librarians in cataloguing. Library users often use keywords instead of subject headings because they do not understand the use and syntax of the Library of Congress Subject Headings. By linking social media tags which are created using natural language to LCSH, it is possible to predict the subject heading for the materials that the user hopes to find.

  • Catalogues,
  • Word Prediction,
  • LCSH,
  • Social Media Tags
Publication Date
June 23, 2012
Citation Information
Danielle K.L. Lee-Muma. "'Predicting' the Future of Library OPAC: Assistive Technologies for Everyone" FIMS Conference (2012)
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