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Jane Addams and Wicked Problems: Putting the Pragmatic Method to Use
The Pluralist (2014)
  • Danielle L Lake, Grand Valley State University
Melioration of many social problems today requires a feminist pragmatist methodology since these problems are not only dynamically complex, but inherently wicked. That is, many of our social problems are characterized by intense disagreement, conflicting objectives, as well as high levels of uncertainty, variability and risk. Especially relevant to – but ignored by – current wicked problems scholars, early feminist-pragmatist Jane Addams illustrates how the pragmatic method is applicable to these wicked problems by employing this methodology on the ground in confronting the wicked problems of her time. In the end, I argue Addams ultimately provides valuable insights on how to go about tackling these problems in our own time.
  • Jane Addams,
  • wicked problems,
  • reciprocity
Publication Date
Fall 2014
Citation Information
Danielle L Lake. "Jane Addams and Wicked Problems: Putting the Pragmatic Method to Use" The Pluralist Vol. 9 Iss. 3 (2014)
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