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Institutions and Process
  • Danielle L Lake, Grand Valley State University
The following pages explore the social reality of institutional lag. Since existence is processive, institutions founded on certain principles and circumstances must be subject to careful examination and subsequent adjustment when they no longer produce valued results. The social reality of institutional lag, however, has roots in a more personal reluctance to relinquish certitude and undergo change. Since growth is accomplished through such a process, the reluctance to address change and make adjustments must be addressed. Thus, this inquiry begins with the recognition and analysis of institutional lag, evolves into an analysis of the individual and, finally, discusses the complicated and interwoven nature of the problem and possible solutions.
  • institutional lag,
  • habits,
  • change,
  • American philosophy,
  • John Dewey
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Danielle L Lake. Institutions and Process. (2006)
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