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What to do about wicked problems?
Philosophy Bakes Bread (2017)
  • Danielle L Lake
This twenty-first episode of the Philosophy Bakes Bread radio show and podcast is a special edition of the show that we call a “breadcrumb.” A Breadcrumb is a short, 8-20 minute episode that was cut off from a longer show, that’s a collage of little clips, or, as in this case, that is a response to listener feedback. Today’s breadcrumb episode is a bigger version of what in the past we’ve called a “You Tell Me!” segment. We got a great voicemail from Phil in Lexington, KY, and we had Dr. Danielle Lake back on the show to respond to Phil’s great message.
  • wicked problems,
  • feminist pragmatism,
  • deliberative democracy
Publication Date
Summer 2017
Citation Information
Danielle L Lake. "What to do about wicked problems?" Philosophy Bakes Bread Vol. Ep21 Iss. BC2 (2017)
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