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Design Thinking Accelerated Leadership
CAP Connected (Council of Accelerated Programing Newsletter) (2016)
  • Danielle L Lake
From a Skeptic to an Evangelist
A long-term online instructor and mentor to faculty new to online teaching, I have -- for
close to a decade -- resisted combining the challenges of online courses with
accelerated programming, thinking combining the challenges of both was likely to
impede transformational learning. And yet, three years ago, I was asked to help
design and teach in a new interdisciplinary, hybrid and accelerated 19-Month
Leadership degree completion program (the "ALP") at Grand Valley State University.
I said yes.
And -- after contributing to its design and teaching in the first two cohorts -- I asked to
be assigned to GVSU's ALP in perpetuity.
  • Design Thinking,
  • acclerated programming,
  • returning adult students,
  • curriculum mapping,
  • educ,
  • community engagement,
  • experiential learning,
  • pragmatism
Publication Date
Fall 2016
Citation Information
Danielle L Lake. "Design Thinking Accelerated Leadership" CAP Connected (Council of Accelerated Programing Newsletter) Vol. 15 Iss. 1 (2016)
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