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Wicked Problems and Transdisciplinarity Workshop.
Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network Training. (2016)
  • Danielle L Lake
Much of the research being conducted today requires not only a team of experts from disparate fields, but also the inclusion of stakeholders from across the public and private sectors as well as the consideration of wide-ranging epistemological and ethical issues. This is because many research projects are now designed to address wicked problems: dynamically complex, interdependent, high stakes issues with no simple or obvious definition.
This workshop is designed to fill the gap between formal disciplinary training and collaborative, participatory action efforts. Participants will explore how their own research addresses interdependent wicked problems, map the systems and actors involved in their research, and review a series of tools and strategies designed to support collaborative and systemic engagement on our interdependent, systemic real world challenges.
  • wicked problems,
  • systems thinking,
  • stakeholder mapping,
  • participatory action research,
  • feminist pragmatistm,
  • transdisciplinarity,
  • public philosophy
Publication Date
February 3, 2016
Citation Information
Danielle L Lake. "Wicked Problems and Transdisciplinarity Workshop." Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network Training. (2016)
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