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Cool Dust in the Outer Ring of NGC 1291
Astrophysical Journal (2012)
  • J. L. Hinz
  • C. W. Engelbracht
  • R. Skibba
  • A. Crocker
  • J. Donovan Meyer
  • K. Sandstrom
  • F. Walter
  • B. D. Johnson
  • L. Hunt
  • G. Aniano
  • L. Armus
  • Daniela Calzetti, University of Massachusetts - Amherst
  • D. A. Dale
  • B. Draine
  • M. Galametz
  • B. Groves
  • R. C. Kennicutt
  • S. E. Meidt
  • E. J. Murphy
  • F. Tabatabaei
We examine Herschel Space Observatory images of one nearby prototypical outer ring galaxy, NGC 1291, and show that the ring becomes more prominent at wavelengths longer than 160um. The mass of cool dust in the ring dominates the total dust mass of the galaxy, accounting for at least 70% of it. The temperature of the emitting dust in the ring (T=19.5+/-0.3K) is cooler than that of the inner galaxy (T=25.7+/-0.7K). We discuss several explanations for the difference in dust temperature, including age and density differences in the stellar populations of the ring versus the bulge.
  • Galaxies: Spiral,
  • Galaxies: Photometry,
  • Galaxies: Individual (NGC 1291)
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This paper was harvested from and ArXiv identifier is arXiv:1207.2777
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J. L. Hinz, C. W. Engelbracht, R. Skibba, A. Crocker, et al.. "Cool Dust in the Outer Ring of NGC 1291" Astrophysical Journal (2012)
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