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About Dr Daniel LE Waters

Dr Daniel Waters BSc (Hons I) Biochemistry (UNE), Grad Dip Ed (UNE), PhD Plant Molecular Genetics (SCU)
Dan's research career has revolved around understanding and managing the molecular components of plant foods. Within this sphere, his research has encompassed a diverse range of activities. His undergraduate honours project investigated gene promoters for the detoxification of plant derived fluoroacetate in ruminants. Following this he worked with anti-nutritive non-starch polysaccharides degrading exogenous enzymes in wheat based poultry diets. His PhD tracked the gene expression of developing grape berries and characterized important flavonoid bio-synthesis genes in grapes. Post PhD he has worked primarily in the molecular genetics of rice and rice grain quality in the context of rice breeding.
This work has included identification of the gene for fragrance in rice, characterization of the alleles which control rice starch gelatinization temperature and the provision of molecular markers for the Australian rice breeding program. The grain quality of wild rice relatives and the diversity of starch bio-synthesis genes and their association with starch traits in the Australian rice breeding program have been the more recent focus of attention.


Present Research Fellow, Southern Cross University Southern Cross Plant Science


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PO Box 157
Lismore NSW
Australia 2480
Phone: (+61 2) 6620 3443
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