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Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles
Inter-University Consortium Against Homelessness
  • Jennifer Wolch
  • Michael Dear
  • Gary Blasi
  • Dan Flaming
  • Paul Tepper
  • Paul Koegel
  • Daniel N. Warshawsky, Wright State University - Main Campus
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This report accompanies a companion publication entitled A Reality-Based Approach to Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles, which calls on everyone in the region to work together to end homelessness, and outlines a five-point action plan to achieve this goal. The companion piece takes the form of a petition signed by 54 local academics and researchers into homelessness. This report provides the detailed evidence on which the petition is based.
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Jennifer Wolch, Michael Dear, Gary Blasi, Dan Flaming, et al.. "Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles" Inter-University Consortium Against Homelessness (2007)
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