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About Daniel Roland

I title my research agenda “Social Epistemology and Religious Messages” and ground it in the theory of social epistemology put forth in the Library and Information Science field more than sixty years ago by Margaret Egan and Jesse Shera. In 1952, Egan and Shera envisioned a new discipline “for the effective investigation of the whole complex problem of the intellectual processes of society”. This new discipline would analyze “the production, distribution, and utilization of intellectual products in much the same fashion as that in which the production, distribution, and utilization of material products have long been investigated” (Foundations of a Theory of Bibliography, Library Quarterly, Vol. 22, No. 2). With the advent of the World Wide Web and the increasing ease by which anyone may publish messages of every sort for all the world to receive and for scholars to study, Egan and Shera’s vision is coming to fruition.
The goal of my research agenda reflects Egan and Shera’s vision of macrocosmic bibliography and documentation with bibliography as “one of the instrumentalities of communication and communication itself as an instrumentality of social organization and action” (p. 125). Specifically, my research focuses on sermons as information products that significantly influences the social construction of knowledge. Religious messages have long influenced how societies in general and individuals in particular understand and interact with the universe, the world, and each other.
My particular efforts at macrocosmic bibliography includes the collection of more than two hundred full-text sermons each week from local congregational websites and clergy member blogs and then organizing the texts by date, scripture text used, clergy member denominational affiliation, gender, and so on. I then report my findings in a semi-monthly blog posting called The Sermon Content Review:


Present Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Science, Kent State University

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