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The History of the Marimba
Music Faculty Publications
  • Daniel Rager, Cleveland State University
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The History of the Marimba
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  • percussion,
  • history,
  • timbre,
  • society,
  • asia,
  • africa,
  • united states
The author presents an international and historical history of one of the earliest melodic percussion instruments made by man. His research suggests the instrument was widespread throughout Asia and Africa, although many other regions claim it to have originated in their country. Known by many names and created from an endless array of materials, this paper reflects the marimbas evolution from the fourteenth century to present day. The writer’s research encompasses the marimbas social roles, musical functions, timbres and styles across many countries as well as its evolution into the twenty-first century.
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Daniel Rager. "The History of the Marimba" (2008)
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