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The Interaction of Music and Dance in Africa
Dan Rager Selected Works (2016)
  • Dan Rager
This article examines the role of music and dance in African life and how it is intertwined with the culture. The author investigates many styles, elements and ngomas to show how they are used in daily life from the womb to the grave.

Music and other art forms are an inseparable part of African life and are culminated into everyday activities. Instrumental, singing and dance are art forms embedded in the diverse cultures of African peoples and their traditions, beliefs, values, religions and artistic expression.

According to the author, traditional arts practices can contribute to creativity, perception and understanding of life and the African cultural identity.
  • African music,
  • African Dance,
  • African Art,
  • African beliefs,
  • Dan Rager,
  • Dance,
  • Art,
  • ngoma
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Dan Rager. "The Interaction of Music and Dance in Africa" Dan Rager Selected Works (2016)
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