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The Band Came Back (Sousa -1895/Clarke - 1926/Rager - 2016)
Cleveland State University (2016)
  • Dan Rager
PowerPoint Presentation:

The Band Came Back: For lack of a better description, this music was billed as a “fantastic episode.” To catch the audience by surprise it was always programmed by Sousa as the first piece after an intermission. The house lights were turned off, revealing an empty stage. Slowly and deliberately, the musicians entered, playing singly, in pairs, trios or quartets. Each played some popular tune upon entering, sometimes with an accompaniment provided by musicians already onstage. Only after all of his players had entered and were seated did Sousa make his appearance, conducting only the last note. Although the piece was somewhat further revised in 1919 with a new title, Showing Off Before Company, it was always a continuous work in progress and could change from performance to performance, year after year. This version is based on a 1920s arrangement by Sousa’s cornet soloist, arranger and assistant conductor Herbert L. Clarke, and Sousa’s 1895 original edition. Combined and arranged by Dan Rager, this thrilling work will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.
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The Band Came Back: This work has not been performed in a century by any group because the music to perform it did not exist. This combined version (Sousa/Clarke) has been marvelously scored by Dan Rager.

There are 3 versions of this composition. The first composed by J. P. Sousa in 1895, second by H. L. Clarke 1926 and the third by Frank Simon 1930. This presentation shows the similarities and challenges of assembling the work into one working composition. 

Professor Rager gives presentations of this exciting work and provides a sound recording to the participants. He is available by contacting
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Dan Rager. "The Band Came Back (Sousa -1895/Clarke - 1926/Rager - 2016)" Cleveland State University (2016)
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