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Successful branding of a commodity product: The case of RAEX LASER steel.
Industrial Marketing Management (2004)
  • Daniel H. McQuiston, Butler University
In today's competitive business environment, industrial marketers must work harder than ever before to achieve some degree of differentiation for their products to avoid being viewed as a commodity. Many firms have sought to achieve this differentiation by branding their products. Branding, however, is more than simply putting the company's name on a product and broadcasting that name to its target audiences. For industrial products, branding is a multidimensional construct that includes not only how the customers view the physical product, but also the logistics, customer support, and corporate image and policy that accompany this product. This paper discusses how the Finnish steel company Rautaruukki was able to successfully incorporate these four components into their RAEX LASER steel, a brand specifically targeted for job shops who do laser cutting. The paper concludes with managerial implications and suggestions for how industrial marketers might implement their own branding strategy.
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Daniel H. McQuiston. "Successful branding of a commodity product: The case of RAEX LASER steel." Industrial Marketing Management Vol. 33 Iss. 4 (2004)
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