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Thermal diffusion cloud chamber: new criteria for proper operation
Atmospheric Research (2003)
  • Daniel M. Martinez
  • R. H. Heist
  • A. Bertelsmann
  • Y. F. Chan
We report results of new nucleation experiments involving 1-pentanol with hydrogen as the background gas obtained from constant temperature critical supersaturation experiments utilizing the high-pressure diffusion cloud chamber. We have observed significant background gas effects on vapor nucleation that differ somewhat from that we have reported previously. In this paper, we discuss the important issue of stability (the absence of buoyancy-driven convective motion of the gas–vapor mixture) and cloud chamber operation; and we focus now on the lower total pressure limit required for stable chamber operation.
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Daniel M. Martinez, R. H. Heist, A. Bertelsmann and Y. F. Chan. "Thermal diffusion cloud chamber: new criteria for proper operation" Atmospheric Research Vol. 65 Iss. 3-4 (2003) p. 189 - 209
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