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Student Athletes’ Perceptions of Conference Codes of Ethics
Journal of Contemporary Athletics
  • T. Christopher Greenwell
  • Angela J. Grube
  • Jeremy S. Jordan
  • Daniel F. Mahony, Kent State University - Kent Campus
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  • College athletics,
  • student athletes,
  • sports ethics,
  • sports management
Within intercollegiate athletics, a popular strategy to encourage ethical decision making and behavior has been to create codes of ethics. Despite the importance placed on codes of ethics, little is known about how student-athletes feel about their codes of ethics. To better understand student-athletes’ perceptions of the content and purposes of their codes of ethics, a sample of student-athletes from one NCAA Division I conference (n = 336) was surveyed. Results revealed student-athletes’ general perceptions of toward codes of ethics and their positions on responsibility for conduct, enforcement, and penalties. Further, results revealed student-athletes’ feelings toward important ethical ideals. Findings from this research should help conferences in writing codes of ethics that are more effective.
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T. Christopher Greenwell, Angela J. Grube, Jeremy S. Jordan and Daniel F. Mahony. "Student Athletes’ Perceptions of Conference Codes of Ethics" Journal of Contemporary Athletics Vol. 1 Iss. 2 (2004) p. 137 - 151
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